GalaxyWide Newsnets for Session 1


Imperial Forces Restore Peace to Gerrard V

Harazod, Gerrard V

After a brief but bloody battle, the Rebel uprising that has held Harazod in a grip of terror for the past week has been put down. The Imperial Star Destroyers Adjudicator and Relentless, under the commmand of Admiral Jion Trynn, arrived in the system two days ago, and moved quickly to neutralize the small Rebel navy that had circled the planet. The planetary shield was disabled soon after by an Imperial strike team, and Imperial forces moved into the city yesterday.

The Rebels fell back to the capitol building, and their leader, General Camon Udeo, read from a manifest as his small band of terrorists prepared a last-ditch defense. Trynn offered Udeon generous surrender terms, but the latter refused them by shooting the courier. Trynn withdrew his forces last night and sadly ordered the orbital bombing of the central urban area of Harazod.

Troopers have been moving through the ruins for the past several hours, rounding up surviving Rebels. Trynn suspects the Rebels here have ties to Mon Mothma’s terrorist organization, but until Udeon and the local leadership are rounded up and questioned, this remains a speculation.

Anti-Empire sentiments have long been evident on Gerrard V, but the sudden armed insurrection of last week by segments of the Gerrard military caught Imperial observers by surprise. Governor Dannal and Senator Chelo have been ordered to report to the Emperor on Coruscant to explain their failure to eradicate the disease of rebellion while it was yet in its embryonic stage.
-Imperial HoloVision


Ralltiir Uprising Quelled

Grallia Spaceport, Ralltiir

Imperial forces commanded by Lord Tion moved to suppress Rebel terrorirst activities on Ralltiir early this week. Tion evoked emergency powers with the Emperor’s blessing, effectively sealing the entire system as the Imperial task force moved in to seize strategic assests and restore stability and peace to the embattled planet.

Imperial intervention came after a month-long investigation revealed that Rebel revolutionaries had infiltrated the Ralltiir High Council, intent on sowing discord and unrest among the populace. The entire High Council has been disbanded, and its members are being detained under charges of treason.

An imperial spokesman for Lord Tion stated at a press conference that due to the widespread Rebel underground on Ralltiir, the Imperial blockade is expected to continue for some time, as officials move to identify and eradicate Rebel Alliance resistance fighters and sympathizers.

For the safety of the citizens, all travel priviledges offplanet have been revoked, and onplanet travel is restricted.

Numerous disaster relief organizations have been denied access to the system and emergency powers statutes have permitted Lord Tion to rebuff several attempts by elements in the Imperial Senate to launch independent investigations.

The Tantive IV, consular ship of Imperial Senator and Princess of Alderaan Leia Organa was spotted landing in the capital city of Cambrielle on such a mission, but it is unclear if the Senator was aboard. Senator Organa’s office could not be reached for comment.

Those traveling along the Perlemian Trade Route in the Darpa Sector are advised that the entire Ralltiir system is off=limits until further notice.
-Galaxy News Service


The REAL Story on Ralltiir

Hey there truth seekers and troublemakers alike, thanks for tuning in to another episode chock full of Infamous Imperial Atrocity! I’m your host, P4lpy_Sux42, incognito as always, and do I have a doozy for you today. Genuine, completely undoctored footage of the “purification” campaign on Ralltiir. You saw it if here first, folks. Check it out.

That my friends, is a peaceful protest, armed with nothing more dangerous than catchy slogans. Now watch Palpatine’s boys in white train their E-11’s on those defenseless civillians…


In case you can’t quite make it out over the sounds of blasterfire, those are screams of “We surrender.” And yet the bucket-heads keep shooting. The Emperor’s finest, ladies and gentlemen!

Well that’s all for this week, kids. Tune in next time when I promise to have some crazy before and after pics from the Imperial bombardment of Gerrard V. Fun fact: Did you know the Gerrard ecosystem wasn’t always a desert?

Til then, ‘May the Force be with someone, cause it sure ain’t with us!’


Imperial Senate Suspended

Imperial City, Coruscant

Citing rising Rebel insurrection that recently erupted on Ralltiir, Gerrard V, and numerous other worlds, Emperor Palpatine has suspended the Imperial Senate until the Rebel threat has been dealt with. For the time being, he says, regional governors and Moffs will have direct control of their sectors, to better eradicate the Rebel virus.

Senators, even those supportive of the Emperor, were outraged to discover themselves locked out of their offices and chambers this morning, but they have no alternative under the Imperial charter but to comply with the edict. Some Senators attempted to gain access to Palpatine directly, but were told by a Palace aide that their diplomatic access to the Palace has been suspended for the duration of the emergency.

Many looked to Senator Cann Omonda, Chandrila’s representative since Mon Mothma’s sudden but memorable resignation several years ago, to intercede on their behalf before the Emperor, but she made no effort to gain an audience. “I am gratified to sse that my esteemed colleagues are coming, however late, to the realization that talk is not a suitable means of communicating with Palpatine,” she snidely remarked before boarding a transport for Chandrila. Most, like Omonda, are leaving Coruscant for their homeworlds, though several key allies of the Emperor are staying on in various new capacities.
-Coruscant Daily NewsFeed


Amendment to the Declaration of Rebellion

Beings of the Rebel Alliance,

It has been two long years of strife since the Declaration of Rebellion was first drafted and our fight against the Empire was made clear. In that time we have made sacrifices too dear to count, but I tell you this, we are winning. Every day we grow stronger. Every day our message reaches new, sympathetic ears. The Emperor is cracking down, brutally so, but he is doing so because we have forced his hand. Make no mistake, things will get worse before they get better. But on my honor I promise you, they will get better. We will not let these latest attacks on our freedoms and basic civil rights go undocumented. To that end, I and the remaining original signers have amended our Declaration to include the dissolution of the Senate. The changes are highlighted in bold. Where it is safe, pass this document along, that our cause can be heard, and that our numbers may swell.

May the Force be with you.
-Mon Mothma.

“We, the beings of the Rebel Alliance, do this day send forth this Declaration to His Majesty, the Emperor, and to all sentient beings in the Galaxy, to make clear to all the Purposes and Goals of this Rebellion. We firmly acknowledge the importance and necessity of the institution of Galactic Government. We accept that all must subjugate themselves to that Government, giving up certain rights and freedoms, in return for peace, prosperity and happiness for all.
We believe that the Galactic Government derives its power and right to rule from the consent of the governed. We believe that, should the rights of free beings be willfully and malignantly usurped, it is the unalienable right of said beings to alter or abolish said Government.

We believe that the Galactic Empire has willfully and malignantly usurped the rights of the free beings of the Galaxy and therefore, it is our unalienable right to abolish it from the Galaxy.

We do not take this course lightly. Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes, but when a Government displays a history of usurpation, abuse and moral atrocity, displaying a clear design to subjugate totally and absolutely beings born free under the auspices of nature, it is our right—our duty—to depose of that Government.

The history of the present Galactic Empire is of repeated injuries upon its members, with the direct objective of establishing you, Emperor Palpatine, as absolute tyrant over the Galaxy:

You have disbanded the Senate, the voice of the people;
You have instituted a policy of blatant racism and genocide against the nonhuman peoples of the Galaxy;
You have overthrown the chosen leaders of planets, replacing them with Moffs and Governors of your choice;
You have raised taxes without the consent of those taxed;
You have murdered and imprisoned millions without benefit of trial;
You have unlawfully taken land and property;
You have expanded the military far beyond what is necessary and prudent, for the sole purpose of oppressing your subjects.

We, the Rebel Alliance, do therefore in the name—and by the authority—of the free beings of the Galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions:

To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal;
To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings;
To bring about your destruction and the destruction of the Galactic Empire;
To make forever free all beings in the galaxy.
To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor, and our lives."

-HoloNet Free Republic

GalaxyWide Newsnets for Session 1

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