R2-D0 "Deo"

Tiree's Trusty Astromech


Type: R2 Astromech Droid

Dexterity 1D (Electroshock Prod 4D, dodge 3D)
Knowledge 1D (Planetary systems 7D, survival 5D value: technology 6D)
Mechanical 2D {Astrogation 8D, starship piloting 5D)
Perception 1D (Gambling 5D, hiding 4D, sneak 4D)
Strength 1D (Lifting 4D)
Technical 2D (Computer pogramming/repair 7D, droid programming 5D, droid repair 5D, repulsorlift repair 4D, security 6D, starship repair 6D)

Equipped With:

  • Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
  • Retractable heavy grasper arm (+1 to lifting)
  • Retractable fine-work grasper arm
  • Extendable 0.3-meter-long video sensor (360-degree rotation)
  • Infrared receptor
  • Electromagnetic-field sensors
  • Holographic projector/recorder (one-meter range)
  • Computer link-up jack
  • Auditory receivers
  • Laser welder (1D+2)
  • Electroshock prod (3D, stun damage only)

Move: 7
Size: .96 meters tall


Tiree’s trusty droid, Artoo-Deo has a very strong personality. He is bright, but stubborn and hard-headed. Although he cannot speak Basic, he feels a wide range of emotions and expresses them through assorted beeps, whistles, whines and shrieks. He is intensely loyal to his master and will do anything for him and his mission.

R2-D0 "Deo"

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